About Us

The Beginning

Purely Adoptions FaceBook was created in 2009 with the objective of sharing people’s post about puppies, stray animals and home pets up for adoptions. This proved to be a useful platform as it encouraged adoption and increased fostering activities took place.

The target audience soon grew to more than 15,000 followers in a short span of 3 years. As we get more involved in the animal rescue scene in Singapore through the posting of Facebook pages, we became increasingly aware of the rescuers and stray feeder’s needs and constraints. This is when we felt that we could and should go beyond posting on Facebook. We started speaking with stray feeders, visited shelters, talking to pioneers in the rescue scene as well as liaise with food distributors as we progressively got more directly involved in animal rescue.

In 2013, we were alerted of an urgent rescue case at Tuas area, where there were 5 puppies trapped inside a 50 metre long metal pipe. It is likely that the mother dog had climbed in and given birth inside the pipe so as to protect her puppies. This is how we embarked on our first project – we started looking for fosterers and adopters who were willing to take in these 2 weeks old pups.

While looking for suitable fosterers and adopters, we took care of the puppies ourselves, feeding them at every 3 hours interval, 6 times a day. It wasn’t an easy task feeding the little ones. We had to warm up milk, mixed it with the milk formula and feed every single one of them everyday. Undoubtedly, we struggled at the start. However, seeing the puppies grow up, opening their eyes and starting to eat on their own over the days gave us immense satisfaction and happiness.

This is when we know that we want to recreate this feeling of joy and so our journey continues…



2009: Started rescuing dogs and created Purely Adoption Facebook Page

21 October 2014: Registered as a non-profit organization

21 September 2017: Setting up of Purely Meow, an extension from Purely Adoption that focuses on rescuing and rehoming cats.

Our Belief


  1. To be central coordinating body for existing independent pet rescuer in Singapore
  2. Reduce the number of strays and abandoned animals in Singapore
  3. Provide a channel for family who wants to rehome their pets or adopt a pet.
  4. Work closely with various animal welfare groups and individual rescuers to rehome and integrate the abandoned animals.
  5. Encourage adoptions of pets rather than buy one from the pet shops.
  6. Promote responsible pet ownership through educational seminars to the public
  7. Participate and hold fund raising activities to assist these animals in Singapore.
  8. Provide funding to support various animal welfare organisation and individual rescuer.
  9. Form partnership with any organizations in order to carry out and fulfill our aim to care, rehome, integrate and provide for the animals in Singapore.

Vision / Mission


All pets in Singapore will receive the love and care from a family.


  1. To raise awareness of the abandoned pets in Singapore, by providing a channel where family who wants to give up their pets. This same channel is also an avenue for family who wants to adopt one.
  2. To reduce to number of stray and abandoned pets in Singapore by rehoming, fostering, adopting and whole process of integration of these animals.