Xiaobai, the lost maltese

We were first notified of a wandering maltese on 12th July 2018, by Dayne of PurelyMeow, that cat rescuer Zen Yeo and Harvon found a dog. This white maltese was first found at the junction of Jalan Mastuli and Jalan Tenon, near Aroozoo Avenue in the vicinity of Lor Ah Soo and Upper Serangoon Road. We decided to call him XiaoBai (小白).



Vet Visit

We proceeded to bring him to the vet and he was found to have very bad yeast infection with possible underlying skin allergies. As he loves to be with human, we believe that he is likely a home dog. He is also microchipped and our PA team proceeded to check with SPCA and AVA for owners with lost dog. In the mean time, we kept him at the fosterer's place and decided to wait for a week before putting him up for adoption.

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We are very happy to receive a call from Xiaobai's owner and he was reunited with his owner on 15th July 2018! His owner was tearing and Xiaobai could not contain his excitement as well.The Found Dog post that our volunteers posted caught the attention of the owner's neighbour, who informed her to contact us.


We were told that Xiaobai went through the gap of their gate and got lost on 11th July.

The owner cares for Xiaobai but lacked the knowledge on taking care of dogs as the dog belonged to her daughter. Her daughter is studying abroad at the moment. We informed her on how to take care of dogs and to seek medical advise if needed.


Apparently, Xiaobai's real name is called Xiaobai as well!!

We would like to thank Dayne, Zen Yeo and Harvon for saving Xiaobai and Jasmine and Ms Lee for coming forward to foster him.

Its a happy ending. Thank you everyone for sharing the post and make this miracle possible.