received_10157038015772228Hi! I'm Jessintha and my husband and I adopted Prince, a 12 year old King Charles Spaniel, in January 2015.


He is 14 this year and is both blind and deaf. He also has a heart problem and is on constant medication, just like many 70+ human. However, he is a survivor and is doing really well.


Thank you for bringing him into our lives. He has not only taught us what unconditional love is, but showed us that every obstacle has a solution. He is such a sweet heart! My mom-in-law even offers to take care of him over the weekends because she loves having him around.


IMG-20170630-WA0016Being a pawparent to 2, fostering any more puppies would seem exhausting and tedious, particularly one requiring medication. However, it was quite the opposite for me. While it did took me some time to adjust to the different meal time of Nisha and to get accustomed to training and giving her more attention, things quickly improved in a few days. It was definitely a big achievement to help her master basic commands such as sit, stay, hand, high five and down within 2 weeks.


I could see the trust that Nisha had in me, and how she always looked at me for permission. I know through that, that she is learning on the right track.


LxNdNTlvdH6woakLQUq3KV8CBRaWl6eSJzP5xYpiyFAMe & my hubby adopted Bui Bui (used to be known as Gong Gong) on 18 Dec 2014. We always advocate to adopt instead of buying a puppy to save a life. I guess it was fated that we met on that faithful day as we went for the viewing, intended to view a younger dog. Bui Bui charmed us with his calm disposition and a cute "moonwalk" trick. We have no regrets adopting an older dog as they are much more calmer and Bui Bui still have some puppy like character in him - he can be very playful. He likes to play fetch the ball with us. He is well loved by everyone and we hope he can spend the rest of his days as comfortable as possible with us. Thank you Purely Adoption for bringing us together as a family, and now our home is complete.



Elise Hong , Product Specialist

IMG-20150201-WA0011I first came in touch with Purely Adoptions though a dog that I had rescued earlier in 2014.


On 22ndAugust 2014, Patrick from Purely Adoptions had expressed to me that a female dog (Skylar) and her one month old puppy (Simba) were at AVA and needed a foster home once they were bailed out from there. Without hesitation, I agreed to foster and welcome them into my home.


In the night, they were brought over to my house by Patrick and Stella from Purely Adoption. It was a tear jerking moment for me when I first set my eye upon Skylar and Simba. Simba was so adorable, innocent and full of energy. But Skylar on the other hand, seemed nervous and skinny. While Simba was busy exploring the house, Skylar would only hide under the table.


Animals may not be able to speak and communicate their needs to us but it is our responsibility to step up to help an animal in need.


By fostering dogs I have learnt that even by simply just giving them food, they will show unconditional love towards you. Dogsdo not desire luxury but just the warmth and protection of a human.


Thus I decided to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Simba the playful pup always looks out for his mum Skylar to nuzzle with. Skylar has also slowly gained our trust and even allows us to touchand hug her. It is almost unimaginable not to wake up to the wagging tails and sloppy kisses of Skylar and Simba demanding for breakfast and morning walksnowadays.


I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Purely Adoption’s founders Patrick and Stella. Not only are they rescuing and rehoming dogs, they are always ready to help fosterers such as me any time when I needed assistance with the dogs.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” –Mahatma Ghandi


Sumathi, Secretary