Pictures & Videos of Stray Feeding

Here are some videos of animals feasting on the food that was donated by supporters of Purely Adoptions! If you would like to be part of the team that brings a joy to these stray animals out there, please do not hesitate to find out more at our Stray Feeders Page!

cats' feasting pictures

Cat Food Donation #2

This is our 2nd batch of Cat food donation to the cats at Kim Chuan. This is in memory of our first rescued cat, Boy Boy, who crossed the rainbow on 23 July 2017. The premium Stella & Chewy gourmet cat and dog food is donated by Silversky Pet Care a day after Boy Boy passed away.

We decided to donate the cat food to cat stray feeders as this may be Boy Boy's last gift to his fellow cats. The second batch of Cat food goes to the cats at Km Chuan. This was where Boy Boy was originally found and rescued by stray feeder Ambal, who later informed her friend Shiny to contact us for assistance. If you are interested in Boy Boy's story, you can read it here.

It always bring us joy to see that they stray cats and dogs are fed. However, we always worry if this could be their only meal in a day, or in a few days. Right now, we hold a yearly Easter Food Donation for our dog stray feeders but due to limited resources, we are still working to expand our effort into feeding stray cats. Perhaps it is time we do something for the cat stray feeders.

If you would like to help the cat stray feeders, you can visit or contact 90018848. Purely Adoptions sincerely thank you for your kind thoughts towards these homeless animal. 

Cat Food Donation #1

We would like to thank Silversky Pet Care for their donation of premium Stella & Chewy gourmet cat and dog food. This came a day after our first rescued cat Boy Boy crossed the rainbow and we thought it could be his last gift to his fellow stray animals out there. If you are interested in Boy Boy's story, you can read it here.

The first beneficiary of Stella & Chewy Gourmet cat food are the cats at Tuas Industrial area. Rizal has been feeding these stray cats near his work place for the past 3 years. He was delighted when I passed him a packet of cat food to add onto the cat's dinner. While he was feeding the cats, fellow cat lover Wong Ling, also dropped by to ensure that the cats are fed.

A true blue animal lover, Wong Ling took over the task of feeding the cats in the area after the original stray feeder was hospitalised. It was so heart warming to see the devotion and dedication of people towards the stray animals. It was also a joy to see the stray animals enjoying their possibly only (maybe) meal of the day.

If you would like to help the cat stray feeders, you can visit or contact 90018848. Let's help the cats stray feeders have a constant supply of food to feed the strays.


Cats' Feasting Videos

Video of Cats Feasting on Donated Food