LxNdNTlvdH6woakLQUq3KV8CBRaWl6eSJzP5xYpiyFAMe & my hubby adopted Bui Bui (used to be known as Gong Gong) on 18 Dec 2014. We always advocate to adopt instead of buying a puppy to save a life. I guess it was fated that we met on that faithful day as we went for the viewing, intended to view a younger dog. Bui Bui charmed us with his calm disposition and a cute "moonwalk" trick. We have no regrets adopting an older dog as they are much more calmer and Bui Bui still have some puppy like character in him - he can be very playful. He likes to play fetch the ball with us. He is well loved by everyone and we hope he can spend the rest of his days as comfortable as possible with us. Thank you Purely Adoption for bringing us together as a family, and now our home is complete.



Elise Hong , Product Specialist