2016 barneyGod brought Barney to us. We had a beautiful long haired Goldie named Barney who died on 11 June this year (2015). The whole family was saddened and we had a Barney shaped hole in our hearts. I have looked high and low for another GR with no luck. Just today when I was about to buy a Goldie puppy out of desperation, a friend whatapp (messaged) me the post on Barney’s adoption. I can’t believe it’s a same breed with the same name! The rest is history.


Thank you Purely Adoptions for filling our hearts again with love again. Although it’s a different Barney, you are just as beautiful as our previous Barney. We can’t be more contented to have our new beloved Barney with us and our dearest previous Barney in our hearts – 11 Oct 2015



Dr Theresa Yap, General Practitioner