Stop the Untouchables. Justice for Sergei Magnitsky.






Stop the Untouchables. Justice for Sergei Magnitsky.

Position: Deputy Head, device of Field Officers of Tax Crimes Division regarding the Moscow Branch for the Russian Interior Ministry.

Promoted towards the Economic Security Department associated with Russian Interior Ministry

Official Annual Salary: $10,200

Assets bought by household because the $230 million theft: THROUGH US$3 Million

Created 28 1975 february


Crimes of Lt Col Kuznetsov:

Officer Kuznetsov is just a key person in the Klyuev Organized Crime Group. He makes use of their place in police force to assist the combined group in committing crimes and also to protect it whenever it gets caught. He played an integral part in the theft of this $230 million through the Russian Government as well as in arresting Sergei Magnitsky after Magnitsky unveiled the theft and testified against Officer Kuznetsov along with other people of the Kluyev Organized Crime Group.

Prior to Officer Kuznetsov arranged the confiscation regarding the Hermitage documents which were utilized to take the businesses as well as the $230 million, Officer Kuznetsov secretly travelled to Larnaca, Cyprus on a jet that is private Dmitry Klyuev, the top regarding the Klyuev Organized Crime Group and also the man whom owned the lender that could quickly get all the refunded money. There Kuznetsov had been accompanied because of the attorneys Pavlov and Mayorova who does carry on to prepare the court judgments utilized to obtain the reimbursement. Kuznetsov had been additionally accompanied by his colleague officer Pavel Karpov, who travelled to Larnaca, Cyprus with all the attorneys. It absolutely was officer Karpov that would later start a fabricated situation used to arrest Sergei Magnitsky. Soon after the officers arrived to Cyprus, the relative mind of Moscow Tax workplace 28 that would later signal down in the fraudulent $230 million reimbursement and her spouse travelled to Larnaca, Cyprus, to become listed on the remainder team in preparing the income tax theft.

Officer Kuznetsov may take credit if you are a $230 million theft from his or her own federal federal government, he effectively brought unlawful fees against every person whom reported this theft. He could be straight accountable for bringing false costs against 3 attorneys, 1 of whom – Sergei Magnitsky – ended up being arrested by their subordinates on 24 November 2008 and tortured to death in pre-trial detention. He additionally effectively chased 3 more solicitors from the country whom their subordinates attempted to arrest on 25 November 2008. That’s an overall total of just one lawyer dead and 5 he actually chased into exile. For their services to their nation he had been promoted at the beginning of 2010, and also to their unlawful peers he has been very well paid with cash.

Please click on this link to see dates that are important the job of officer Kuznetsov, times as he abused their authority.

Here are copies of papers showing over $3 million of Kuznetsov’s illicit assets situated up to now. Each one of these assets had been obtained by people in officer Kuznetsov’s family after the theft that Sergei Magnitsky accused officer Kuznetsov of taking part in. Complaints have now been filed to see in the event that cash that has been utilized to get these assets had been asking and declared the authorities to analyze the origin of funds within the context of Sergei Magnitsky’s testimony against officer Kuznetsov.

See below for a listing of the assets Kuznetsov’s family members now owns: real-estate, vehicles. Compare it to their announced earnings right here.

Declared Earnings

Loan contract when it comes to automobile of Kuznetsov’s mom Liliya Georgievna Kuznetsova. She declares her household earnings as 115,000 rubles ($3,700) every month $45,100 each year). Download this document in PDF

Kuznetsov’s bill for residing at the blissful luxury 5* Londa resort in Limassol, Cyprus. down load this document in PDF.

Lt Col Kuznetsov and Major Karpov, two Russian Interior Ministry officers whom played an important part in the theft of $230 million through the Russian spending plan and also the false why not try these out arrest and persecution of Magnitsky had been promoted to raised roles in the Interior Ministry, in accordance with a Russian paper Vedomosti (see a write-up from 20 January 2010).

Lt Col Artem Kuznetsov, officer regarding the Moscow Branch for the Interior Ministry, ended up being promoted towards the Federal Department of Economic safety into the Interior Ministry.

crucial times when you look at the profession of officer Kuznetsov, times as he abused their authority. Below is a brief schedule showing essential times in officer Kuznetsov’s profession.

August 2006: Artem Kuznetsov, along side significant Pavel Karpov and a convicted killer Victor Markelov, had been accused of arranging kidnapping of a young businessman and dad, Fedor Mikheev, and trying to extort $20 million from Mikheev’s employer (instance 352470). Based on their testimony, Mr. Mikheev had been kidnapped and held as being a hostage for longer than a week until a group of unique forces freed him. a unlawful instance into the kidnapping had been opened, where officers Kuznetsov and Karpov arrived under research, and their accomplice, a convicted killer, Viktor Markelov ended up being arrested. Mr Mikheev testified concerning the part of Lt Col Kuznetsov along with other officers in their kidnapping. In a while that is short officers Kuznetsov and Karpov had Mr. Mikheev arrested and place as a cellular with among the crooks that has kidnapped him. Mr. Mikheev had been pressured to withdraw their testimony against Lt Col Kuznetsov as well as other officers. He declined therefore the officers delivered him to jail for 11 years where he could be today. From then on, Lt Col Kuznetsov along with his accomplice Markelov ceased to be the topics for the research, and also the case against them had been closed. KUZNETSOV SENT AN INNOCENT MAN (DAD OF 2) TO PRISON FOR 11 YEARS.

4 June 2007: Lt Col Kuznetsov lead two raids in the workplaces of Hermitage Fund, the portfolio investor that is largest plus one associated with biggest taxpayers in Russia, and Firestone Duncan, an American-owned law practice in Moscow. He confiscated the initial statutory papers and seals of this Hermitage Fund organizations with no warrant and place them in to the custody of their colleague, significant Pavel Karpov during the Moscow branch associated with the Russian Interior Ministry.

11 and 20 September 2007: The papers and seals being held by officers Kuznetsov and Karpov were utilized to fraudulently alter registration records of three Hermitage Fund businesses and re-register them within the title for the convicted killer Viktor Markelov. This is actually the exact same killer whom based on Mikheev’s testimony had caused officers Kuznetsov and Karpov 12 months formerly once they had been all accused of kidnapping and extortion.

3 December 2007: Hermitage Fund attorneys reported Kuznetsov’s and Karpov’s abuses of office and complicity into the theft of Hermitage Fund organizations and asked for to open up a case that is criminal them. Complaints had been filed aided by the minds of this Russian Investigative Committee, the inside Ministry Internal Affairs Department and also the General Prosecutor. Hermitage’s complaints accusing officers Kuznetsov and Karpov had been forwarded for assessment and investigation that is possible officer Karpov.

24 December 2007: Moscow income tax authorities authorized in one single time an ask for a $230 million taxation reimbursement fraudulently filed by Markelov and their accomplices. Authorities paid $230 million 2 days later on to bank reports exposed simply ten days before by Markelov and their accomplices. These bank records had been in a bank owned by another figure into the Mikheev kidnapping situation. LT COL KUZNETSOV IS A VITAL PLAYER IN A FRUITFUL HUGE THEFT FROM STATE AND HIS RELATIVES BEGIN BUYING HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY OF HOME.

5 February 2008: Hermitage Fund attorneys succeeded in enabling a unlawful instance launched to research the theft of this 3 Hermitage Fund businesses while the part of Lt Col Kuznetsov and Major Karpov when you look at the theft.

26 February 2008: To discipline Hermitage for reporting them, officers Kuznetsov and Karpov retaliated by initiating a unlawful instance against Hermitage professionals. Kuznetsov’s subordinates, along with an FSB officer Kuvaldin and significant Karpov travelled towards the Russian republic of Kalmykia and pressured local detectives to reopen an unlawful income tax research that was indeed initiated by FSB (Russian intelligence service) in 2004 and shut in 2005 as a result of not enough criminal activity. They had the full instance relocated to their control in Moscow. KUZNETSOV OPENED A CRIMINAL CASE RESISTANT TO THE social people whom HIRED ATTORNEYS TO REPORT HIS CORRUPTION.

5 might 2008: Lt Col Kuznetsov filed a study trying to start a unlawful instance against the Hermitage Fund lawyers whom reported him for the theft of Hermitage Fund businesses. Kuznetsov alleged that attorneys’ powers of lawyer to register complaints reporting the theft with respect to the Hermitage Fund organizations necessary to result from the criminals whom took these firms. In a nutshell, Kuznetsov argued that the attorneys had committed a criminal activity by reporting the theft without authorization through the new unlawful “owners”.

5 June 2008: Sergei Magnitsky offered their very first witness testimony to detective Gordievsky for the Southern region of Moscow Prosecutor Office in regards to the theft of Hermitage Fund businesses additionally the role of Lt Col Kuznetsov and significant Karpov in this theft. At this time he previously perhaps maybe not yet had complete proof exactly just how these officers and their accomplices organised the fraudulent reimbursement to rob the federal government of fees. Magnitsky had appeared together with his attorney early plus they saw officer Kuznetsov in Gordievsky’s workplace. Sergei asked why Lt Col Kuznetsov ended up being here and detective Gordievsky explained that Kuznetsov ended up being appointed to your research group under this unlawful instance. Sergei Magnitsky then explained that Kuznetsov ended up being among the social individuals Gordievsky must certanly be investigating for the theft, no longer working with regarding the research. KUZNETSOV ended up being NOW IN CONTROL OF INVESTIGATING HIMSELF.

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