Staying Cool

*Credits: All information and pictures are taken from Bunny Wonderland. Purely Adoptions do not claim the copyrights of all information reproduced.

Staying Cool

Our rabbits are always wearing a fur coat and it's very important for us to keep them cool in Sunny Singapore. Rabbits are not native to our tropical island and they do not tolerate heat well. Here's a few tips for you to ensure your rabbits stay cool and hydrated through the rising temperatures...

  1. Make sure your rabbit is kept out of the sun. It is a big NO NO to house your rabbit outdoor due to the many dangerous elements (sun, rain, insects, strays!). Provide space in your rabbit's enclosure so he can move around and shady corners to hide in.

  2. Set a circulating fan around the rabbit's enclosure to provide cool breeze. It's not advisable to have the fan directly at the rabbit because it is not only annoying but can also cause him to catch a cold! On super hot days, you can drape a piece of damp towel over the cage (not dripping though!) to create cooler air.

  3. Place a ceramic tile or a cooling plate in the rabbit's enclosure. You will likely find your rabbit spreading out on their fours on these cooling surfaces!

  4. Place a few ice cubes in his water bowl to refresh his taste buds! Start with 1 or 2 and ensure your rabbit's tumtum is not too sensitive and slowly increase to about 3-4, just enough to keep the water chill and cool to drink.

  5. Mist the rabbit's ears with cool water to help dissipate heat from their ears.

  6. Fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it! The frozen bottle is like a portable air conditioner for them. Just make sure you wrap the bottle in a towel to prevent the condensing droplets from wetting your rabbit's fur.

  7. Soak his fresh vegetables in water before serving to increase water intake. This can help him to stay hydrated in the blazing sun.

  8. Keep your rabbit well groomed to remove loose fur so it's easier for him to stay cool under his coat. For more grooming tips, do check out our grooming recommendations here:

  9. Encourage your rabbit to stay hydrated by drinking enough fresh water. For ways to encourage your rabbit to drink more water, do check out our recommendations here:

If your rabbit appears lethargic or is panting heavily, it can be showing signs of heat stroke. Get a piece of damp cloth and start dabbing around his ears, nose and his body to keep his body temperature down. Wrap him in a slightly damped towel to keep him cool and bring him to the vet IMMEDIATELY. The treatment he requires include subcutaneous hydration (beneath skin) as well as cooling treatment which not everyone can do in your own home. A heat stroke is a fatal issue and should not be taken lightly.

We hope with the above information, all bunnies can stay cool and healthy!