Sharing Session @ Little Paddington Preschool 2017 (8 June)

Purely Adoptions gave a sharing session at Little Paddington Pre-school in the morning of June 8, 2017. We believe that it is important to teach the younger generation on responsible pet ownership since an early age.

Both Charlene Francesca Seow and I were delighted to present and it was wonderful being greeted by the bright smiles on these children. We taught them the types of food to feed the dogs and how to approach a dog etc. The kids learned fast and we could see the sparkle in their eyes when the star of the day appeared. Noel, my dog adopted from 10 years ago, excited these kids.

We received so many spontaneous responses and had much laughter as the children came forward to pat Noel. Although some of the kids were afraid of him initially, we were glad to help them overcome their fear of interacting with dogs. Most managed to give Noel a pat by the end of the day, and we could tell that they had a really great time throughout our sharing session.

It was a really fulfilling experience for the both of us to be able to play a part in the learning journey of these children. Education starts young; Thank you Sivaranjini for giving us this opportunity to share this cause with these young minds. Thank you to these children for gifting us their hand drawn posters and for the treats to Noel.

It was definitely an excellent and fun morning we had!

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