2016 Butter

2016 Butter

Butter was given up by his owner as the doctor blamed this mini Schnazuar for causing asthma to her children. He is a 6 year old, male dog, spayed.

We were dismayed at Butter's condition when we first saw him. He has been placed at the HDB yard for the past 6 months. Due to the harsh local weather and humidity, his fur started dropping and his skin condition worsened.


Purely Adoptions took over the care and nursing of Butter back to health. He is a really sweet, calm and friendly dog. We brought him to Mt Pleasant (Mandai) for a check up. Dr Tricia noted his skin allergy and we were told that he is slightly overweight. Apart from that, he is a healthy, active Schnazuar.


20 September 2016: Fosterer's place

Diagnosed with skin allergies, Butter was given a pack of ZD prescribed diet from the vet. We brought his stuff and his medication to Ruth Madeline Lim's place at around 8.45pm. She has a generous heart and shared with us on how she would like to help butter with his skin allergy. With tender loving care and proper medication, Butte is now on his journey to recovery.


Due to the patches of fur Butter has growing, Ruth decided to shave him down so that his fur could grow afresh. There are spotted areas with dry, flaky and rough skin. However, generally the skin elasticity is still there which means the top layer of dermis is ok. We are really excited to know how his condition will be when his fur grows out!




25 September 2016: Updates of Butter

Butter is showered with loads of love and care by Ruth. He was given a dead sea salt scrub and dead sea mud bath to improve his skin conditions. His skin was really dry and scaly before the bath.



Dead sea products are known for its high minerals and healing properties. Ruth blended rosehip and lavender, tea tree clarysage and rosemary together with the dead sea salt scrub and dead sea mud. Immediately, Butter's skin is less dry! Thank you Ruth for your love and care for Butter, we are sure he will fully recover in no time and become a dashing mini Schnazuar!


Butter is playing and interacting well with other schanauzers too. We are glad that Butter now has companion, which we are certain will help him recover faster.



We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with much gratitude for all the kindness showered upon Butter by Ruth.


28 October 2016

Butter went for his trial home stay today. Finger crossed!


13 November 2016

Good news! Butter has been adopted! It is unbelievable at how fast Butter found his forever home given his current condition. Amreeta and Jason, thank you for being so kind to offer Butter a forever home despite his conditions. Its hard to come by such a wonderful family like yours. We understood that you have been doing lots of research on his skin conditions every night during his trial homestay. Kudos to you. We believe Butter will bring lots of joy and happiness to your family.

Ruth Madeline Lim the fosterer, thank you for your attentive and generous love for Butter while he waits for his forever home. Your mud bath has helped to improve his skin conditions tremendously and definitely prepped him well for this new family.

Happy ending for our lovely Butter!

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Latest Update

Jan 2018

Here's Butter wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Jan 2017

Who could recognise that this is Butter! We are in awe at the transformation he had in 2 months! Butter is really blessed to have such a loving and caring family like yours, Amreeta and Jason!


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