2015 Brownie Coco Wee

2015 Brownie Coco Wee


Unlike other rescue tales, Coco was not stray. She is a pet dog taken care of by a domestic helper. However, she was soon put up for adoption as the domestic helper taking care of her had to leave and the two elderly was unable to take care of her. Faced with the tight situation, the children of the two elders had no choice but to put her up for adoption.

When she was handed over to us, we found out that she has skin infections and separation anxiety issues. This makes it challenging to find her a home. However, we were undaunted by this and set out on our rehoming plans for her.








We first brought her to Fosterer Aishah's place. Her tender loving care seemed to have brought about the recovery of Coco's separation anxiety. Really thankful to you Aishah, for you patience in taking care of Coco and your deep love for her.








We set about posting pictures and looking for adopters. After an unsuccessful adoption, we finally found the perfect one for her: Cher and Terence!

3 June 2015: Cher and Terence officially adopted Brownie Coco Wee. Along with two other furry princesses that they had previously adopted, Coco is the latest new addition to the family of four. She was warmly welcomed into their house which was full or warmth, love and of course, fellow play mates. She was renamed Brownie Coco Wee and she is having the best time in her new house now.

Thank you fosterer Aisha and Cher and Terence for all your care for Coco. Your love and care for dogs will definitely motivate us to rescue more stray ones out there.

We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with yet another adopted into a lovely home. Our mission continues...


Latest Updates

Cher and Terence are really lovely parents, organising birthday parties and bringing them out on weekends. Brownie Coco Wee even has a Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/browniecocowee) dedicated to the posting of her everyday joy. We are really glad that she is now so blessed and contented.

June 2016

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May 2016

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Dec 2015

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Oct 2015

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July 2015

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