2020 Danny

2020 Danny

10 February 2020

Purely Adoptions received an urgent appeal for help yesterday. This is a hit and run accident case.

Danny is a lovely dog, very close with his brother, Toby. Both of them stayed in an factory but was forced to be evicted. So rescued Kelly had no choice but to take them out and place at fosterer place.

Both Toby and Danny were staying at the fosterer place, but mischievous Danny boy decided to slip out of the gate and got lost. He was lost at the area of Siang Kuang Ave/ Siak Kee Ave.

Kelly launches a panic search for Danny. Been searching for 7 days and finally found him along a canal and not moving. Quickly sent him to nearest vet for check. But was referred to VES as Danny is seriously injured.

* Danny 09/02/2020*
- general: wounds mainly on underside, snout, especially fore left leg
- fore left leg: suspected nerve damage, requires VES specialist to determine
- hind right leg: pelvic fracture at femoral head (joint between femur and pelvic bone), will wait for VES specialist’s recommendation on whether to do surgery
- hematocrit and rectic: normal
- WBC: high, could be due to infection from wounds, and/or systemic inflammation from impact trauma
- liver: liver trauma, 8x normal ALT (800+)
- CRP: high (60), severe systemic inflammation

He was most likely hit by a car from the right hind area, and then flung, thus resulting in the abrasions and impact on his body.

We will keep everyone updated with Danny conditions. I feel the pain to see him laying there on the floor.

He is such a cheerful dog and now we have a Mission. The Mission to help Danny on his feet again.

... our journey continues.


11 February 2020

Danny’s surgery was a successful one. Dr Francois put a plate on his pelvic bone and Danny may try to stand tomorrow if he doesn’t feel any pain.

Dr has observed his front limb. It’s confirmed that there are no fractures in the front limb, but it could be a muscle strain or nerve. He also mentioned very unlikely to have slip disc on his neck.

Danny is awake now but still very drowsy from the GA.

The estimated medical expenses from Danny hospitalisation and surgery :

1. CT scan and diagnostic image $1270
2. Hospitalisation $500
3. Surgery cost $3,500
5. IV drip etc $380
Total estimated cost $ 5,650

Please help us to help Danny with his medical vet expenses.

You may donate to Purely Adoptions
UOB account : 631-302-019-0

PayNow : UEN 201431426WPA8

Please annotate that your donations is for Danny medical bills.



13 February 2020

Danny just took a walk with Dr Francois this morning. Danny is still walking, and Dr said he needs to walk regularly to exercise his hip and front limb so it won’t turn stiff.

As of now Danny might still be a little painful, but have the will to get up and walk. He can be discharged today, and we will do our best to rehab and massage his front limb.

Barkway Pet Health $252.52
Gentle Oak $387.00
VES Hospital $7,103.15.
Total Danny bill $7,742.67

Kelly Lim donations collected $2,470
Purely Adoptions donations collected is $5,273.15.

We have met our Danny’s Surgery n hospital n medical expenses.

Thank you so much 😊


15 February 2020

Danny is eating well under the care of his foster mummy Jia Yi. Please see the video where Danny is fed with Stella & Chewy's Grain Free Cage Free Duck and Lentil recipe. TOP with mashed potatoes and dehydrated beef pieces.

Danny is slowly using his left fore leg although he still feels the pain. This will take a couple of days to recover.

However, we are worried as Danny has not poo for several days, since discharged on 13 Feb 2020.

Any suggestions on how to encourage Danny to poo ?

Latest Update on Danny boy !

Danny is eating well under the care of his foster mummy Jia Yi. Please see the video where Danny is fed with Stella & Chewy's Grain Free Cage Free Duck and Lentil recipe. TOP with mashed potatoes and dehydrated beef pieces.

Danny is slowly using his left fore leg although he still feels the pain. This will take a couple of days to recover.
However, we are worried as Danny has not poo for several days, since discharged on 13 Feb 2020.
Any suggestions on how to encourage Danny to poo ?


23 February 2020

We visited Danny boy and he was so happy to meet us. He was wagging his tail and came up to greet us. He was very affectionate and leaned towards Kelly for more treats and “sayang”

His wound healed nicely. Thank you Dr Francois is very happy with Danny progress and wound healing.

He recommended :

- continue with *supervised* walks, as much as he’d like, *with resistance*. The idea is to have him strengthen his left front leg, as he has lost a lot of muscle mass there.

- He should regain full use of his left front leg in 2-3 months. Hydrotherapy is recommended to accelerate the recovery time, but not compulsory.

Special thanks to Illana and her family for taking such good care of Danny. He has his own room with a fan, good food and treats from Stella & Chewy's.

We will be arranging for hydrotherapy session with Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre. We will keep everyone updated with Danny progress.

Thank you and please watch this space as we update on Danny.


23 February 2020

Danny is taking baby steps to walk again after his operation. So far so good. Take your time Danny 😊


3 August 2020

Remember in Feb 2020 this year, we took in an injured dog Danny (https://purelyadoptions.com/rescue_tales/2020-danny/)? He has not fully recovered but doing well at fosterer's place. He is still not using his injured leg and walking on 3 legs. The good news is there's potential adopter for Danny and we hope we can arrange a trial homestay soon. Let's see how it goes 😊


6 October 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Danny went for his trial homestay yesterday! Look how happy he is 😊 Seems like everything is going well so far.. fingers crossed that he passes this home trial with flying colours! All the best, Danny! ❤


27 October 2020

We love our rescue work, mainly because we get to meet like-minded animal lovers who share the same passion as us -To help the homeless animals.

The rescue tale of Danny (https://purelyadoptions.com/rescue_tales/2020-danny) is one very good example of how strangers come together to help an injured dog and eventually found him a home. Kelly, the stray feeder informed us of an injured dog and we have kind fosterer Jia Yi and Darren who took care of him while he recuperates and a big hearted couple James & Phyllis who welcomed a limping Danny into their home. Yes Danny still limp when he walks and it will take some time for him to fully recover. All these will also not be possible without the kind donations from the Angels who donated to Danny's medical fee. Thank you everyone. You have created a beautiful miracle for Danny, especially James & Phyllis.
As below is an account of Danny's story by Kelly, the stray feeder who has been taking care of Danny when he was a stray. She is definitely over the moon when she heard Danny got a home.
Kelly:"It has been a tough journey on Danny since the day both he and his brother got chased out of the industrial shipyard where they belonged. Not forgetting where Danny had escaped from his first foster home, went missing, met with a suspected car accident, and was only found on 07 Feb. Since then, Danny is on his road to recovery.
Currently, Danny is still limping on his left front leg due to a muscle/nerve strain, which the doctors can't do much about it. Physiotheraphy will be the best option to go for Danny. Although Danny had it tough, he had never lost his cheerful and sweet composure. That itself gained him many loves, hugs and kisses from anybody who crossed paths with him.
We are happy to announce that despite the odds that Danny had went through, he is now happily adopted, and has a permanent family and a home to call his own. Thank you James and Phyllis for not turning a blind eye on this sweet boy.
We would like to thank Jia yi (2nd foster) and Darren (3rd foster, not his real name) who were really kind to take Danny in and allow him to recuperate in a lovely home with lovely company and doggie siblings.
Please join me to congratulate Danny on his forever home"

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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Total donations collected $5,273.15

1. Connie Hoong $100
2. Lin HuiYan $50.00
3. Elaine Teo $500.00
4. Dr Charles $500.00
5. Chee Yong Cheng $50.00
6. Kee Hooi Ai $50.00
7. Joyce Wee $100.00
8. C W (Anonymous) $200.00
9. Loh Yuen Ping $100.00
10. Janelle Ho $50.00
11. Sandra Goh $500.00
12. Ng JiaZhen $60.00
13. Chow Yin (Zhou Ying) $200.00
14. Sarah Ng $50.00
15. Chen Por Er $100.00
16. Teo Xin Yu $100.00
17. Tan Seng Eng $30.00
18. Joey Ng Xue Ni $63.15
19. Tan Serene $30.00
20. Cheryl Tan June Yin $100.00
21. Chia You Tian $100.00
22. Foo Sew Kin $100.00
23. Yip Lai Ching $50.00
24. Kang LieDong $50.00
25. Marina Pisarchuk $400.00
26. Kuek Si Xin $100.00
27. Chua Tong Ni $100.00
28. Wendy Wang $10.00
29. Ng Boon Guan $200.00
30. Ivon Peck $30.00
31. Lin Jun $20.00
32. Glynis Tan $80
33. Ng Mei Fang $200
34. Dave Fernandez $900
35. Yvonne Loh $100.00
36. Mr. Lui $10.00
37. Christine Tan $200.00
38. Yi Lin $30.00
39. Wen Wei $50.00
40. Romolo, Tancredi & Sofia $50.00
41. Celef $30.00
42. Linus $100.00
43. Rebecca $30.00
44. Ailin $100.00
45. Su $20.00
46. YY $100.00
47. Lynette $50.00
48. Lynn $50.00
49. Anonymus NY $30.00
50. Shufen $100.00
51. Anonymus E $10.00
52. Carolyn $50.00
53. XP $100.00
54. Abigail $20.00
55. Clara N $200.00
56. Elaine $50.00
57. Fion $100.00
58. Jacq $10.00
59. Anonymous WI $80.00
60. Deborah D $100.00
61. Anonymous LLC $200.00
62. Eunice $20.00
63. Anonymous Leel $20.00
64. Josephine Chan $100.00
65. Alvin $10.00
66. Cher SH $100.00
67. Sean F $50.00
68. Sheena $50.00
69. Chris T $20.00
71. Wan Zhen $30.00
72. Bay $50.00
73 Kay $50.00

Thank you 😊

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