Zulu (aka Cow)


Age:4 years old



Characteristics:Obedient, Grass trained, Gets along well with children

Zulu, 4 years old in 2018, male, is up for adoption. He is obedient, gets along well with children and is grass trained.

Zulu was originally known as Cow and was rescued by Purely Adoptions in 2014. You can read more about his rescue tale here. He was successfully adopted by a wonderful family who pampered him and brought him out for walks twice a day. The children loved him and he is also grass trained.

Unfortunately, the owner Lizane has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and her doctor has suggested for them to give up Zulu because she needed a clean environment. The fur from Zulu may cause severe reaction to her chemo therapy and low body immune system.

Despite the advise from her doctor, both Lizane and her hubby refuses to place Zulu at commercial boarding. They prefer for him to be rehomed to another family.

We stayed for more than an hour to understand the situation and observe Zulu. After 4 years, he remembers us back at Penjuru Lane when we first rescued him together with Junior aka Juju.

Please help us to find him a good home. The situation is dire and desperate. While we hoped that Zulu could find a good home, we are concern with the health of Lizane as well

Please contact Purely Adoptions 90018848 if you would like to find out more or to adopt Zuru.

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