Characteristics:Friendly, Charming

A stray cat’s life is never easy and Walter’s life at the busy streets of Little India was definetly not an easy one for him. Walter suffered an injury on his tail and as no one rendered any help, his injury has progressed to a stage whereby when rescuers finally got to him, his tail must be amputated in order to save his life.

Even though he is now walking around with a much shorter tail, it doesnt make Walter less of a gentleman. Walter is a a charmer, people friendly and a survivor from a bad life on the streets. But we realized Walter has a bad habit of lightly giving love bites to people who petted him.

Walter is now perfectly healthy and waiting for the perfect family to accept him for who he is (long or short tail) and he will reward you with many years of love and cuddles.

Serious adopters to take note of the following requirements before making a contact:

  • Primary caregiver/adopter must be a working adult as keeping a cat is a lifetime commitment with financial responsibilities.
  • Adopters to be patient with the newly adopted cats. If human need time to accept change, the same goes to the cat too
  • Cat must be kept INDOORS only.
  • Meshing and/or installing appropriate grilles is a must for windows/gates.
  • Cat must be fed good quality wet & dry food.
  • Cat must be given the necessary vet care as and when needed (eg annual vaccination & check-ups).
  • Adoption fee & signing of adoption contract applies.
  • Allowing a pre-adoption home visit and periodic home visits by rehomer/ fosterer when the cat is adopted

If you are serious in providing a lifetime commitment and home for Walter, please contact Dayne at 94528868.

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