Snow White


Age:2 years old



Characteristics:quiet dog that rarely barks

Snow White, 2 years old, female, is finally ready for a home. She was rescued when Stray Feeder Shirlin and Francis saw her lying inside a concrete tunnel with her babies (…/2017-snow-white-7-pups/). A year later, all her puppies have been adopted except for Sleepy. For the past 1 year, she remained timid and skittish. It was only recently that she started to open up and approach her foster. Sleepy, who is her son at the same foster home has also helped her to be more trusting to human. Snow White is a very quiet dog and rarely bark. She is also a HDB approved breed as well.

If you're keen to adopt her, please do not hesitate to contact PurelyWoof at 90018848.

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