Age:10 weeks - as of 8 July 2018




Sleepy is one of the 7 Snow White puppies. He is currently 10 weeks old and is up for adoption. You can read the story of their rescue here.

Apart from being found to be anaemic, all the Snow White puppies are growing well and hence, not vaccinated. The results of Heartworm 4 in 1 test and blood test for babesia were negative as well.

Currently, all the puppies are dewormed regularly to rule out intestinal parasites. They have also been supplemented with iron and multivitamics. We have observed that their red blood cell counts are slowly improving and we continue to monitor them closely. They will be vaccinated once their red blood cell count normalise.

The puppies are currently fostered at different homes so that they can grow to be independent. As all of the puppies are fostered at different places, we would like to appeal for milk and kibbles to be sent to the fosterer. If you would like to help, you can purchase the following items from the links.

  1. Cosi Pet Milk:
  2. Kibbles for Puppy 12lbs:
  3. Kibbles for Puppy 24lbs: 

You can also buy from your usual pet shop and we will arrange to collect from you.

If you would like to adopt or find out more about Sneezy, please contact us at 9001 8848 (PurelyWoof).

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