Breed:Persian Cat


Characteristics:Friendly, Enjoys human interaction, Do not like to be around other cats

Sheba is a pure black Persian sweetheart who was once adored and doted upon by her owners but they are not able to spend as much time with her as they wanted. With a busy work schedule and the preparation of moving to a new property, they have decided to put Sheba up for adoption as Sheba deserves a better home.

Sheba is a friendly gal who likes chin rubs, petting, and has good temperament. However, being Persians, she at times don’t like to be cuddle or held. She is not too good with other cats so she is more suitable to be in a single cat household. She enjoyed human interaction so potential adopters need to spend time playing with her. Overall she is a perfect a cat for an experienced cat owner.

Sheba has been sterlilised and is not fussy with food but love tuna and chicken flavour food.

Serious adopters to take note of the following requirements before making a contact:

  1. Primary caregiver/adopter must be a working adult as keeping a cat is a lifetime commitment with financial responsibilities.
  2. Cat must be kept INDOORS only.
  3. Meshing and/or installing appropriate grilles is a must for windows/gates.
  4. Cat must be fed good quality wet & dry food.
  5. Cat must be given the necessary vet care as and when needed (eg annual vaccination & check-ups).
  6. Adoption fee & signing of adoption contract applies.
  7. Allowing a pre-adoption home visit and periodic home visits by fosterer when the cat is adopted.

If you think you can give Sheba a second chance, and can commit to the above guidelines, do get in touch with Dayne (PurelyMeow) at 94528868.


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