Papa Pots & Kit






Look at our lovely pair of papa and daughter! It's not often you see papa cat hanging around but Pops is a great dad!

He is super gentle with his Kit, super gentle with humans too. They are inseparable so both have to be adopted into a good home. They are perfect for first time cat owners who are looking to adopt a pair as they are loving, gentle and very human friendly.

They were recently abandoned with 7 other cats at a rooftop garden and they are all ready to go to their forever home!

Do note that we follow #purelyadoptions adoption guidelines of, filling up of adoption questionnaire, home screening, a need for a cat Proof home, signing of adoption contract and collection of adoption fees to fund our next rescues.

If you think u fit the bill to adopt Nougat, please pm or watsapp me at 94528868.

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