Age:4 years old



Characteristics: Super sweet girl who is extremely calm and Human friendly

Miko was found roaming alone in neighborhood, pregnant and without any food. It seems that she has been roaming for at least a month and with an advanced pregnancy on hand, rescuers went in to rescue her as the streets is not ideal to have kittens at all. With kittens on the way,  the ex-owners might have thought that it was a better choice to get rid of Miko.

Miko is a super sweet girl who is extremely calm and human friendly. She would not get involved with cat politics and does well in a household with other similar minded cats. She  is an extremely patient and is a loving mother to her kittens. It will be great should you choose to adopt Miko with Bagheera, who is a mummy boy.

The name ”Bagheera “ came from Jungle book. He is the smallest and loves exploring around without being afraid of anything. He always tries to follow Miko around. Hence, it would be great if Bagheera was to be adopted together with his mummy Miko.

To adopt or to find out more about her, please contact 94528868 (Purely Meow).

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