Age:8 months old



Characteristics:Single cat household. Very energetic, need playtime.

These 2 cuties are still up for adoption!! Never could understand why though. They are both pretty, handsome and cute!!! Perhaps they are stuck at an awkward age of 9 months and 8 months young respectively which makes them either too old to be cute (this is bullshit) or too young to be mature (double bullshit).

One thing for sure is they are not lapcat, they love to play, they love to eat . So you need to have time to play with them, you need to feed them well. They can be adopted separately or if you have a big heart, adopt the both of them together! Two cats are always better than one cat and multiple cats are better than just 1 pair!!

A video home screening, filling up of adoption questionnaire, a cat proof home and collection of adoption fees are a must in any of our adoptions.

If you think u fit the bill to adopt Timmie & Kenzo, please pm or watsapp me at 94528868.

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