Age:2 years old



Characteristics:Sweet, Friendly

It was just a normal feeding night for a feeder making her round when she discovered Kaden in her neighborhood. Kaden was covered with serious ear mites issues which were left untreated for a very long time. Even though he was in pain, Kaden was super friendly and trusting of humans. We wondered was he thrown out because of his ear mites issues? If it is, then we are glad we had bump into him and subsequently rescued him.

Kaden has not completely heal from his ear mites issues yet but he is definitely on the road to recovery. He is super friendly and super easy for a first time cat owner. After what he had been through, it is only right to find him a new home.

If you think you fit the bill and commit to Kaden for the rest of his life, please do contact us at 81274108. We expect you to Cat proof your home, allow home visitations before and after adoption confirmation. Sign an adoption contract and an adoption fee will be collected.



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