Age:3 years old

Breed:Singapore Special


Characteristics:Timid and Skittish / Good with other dogs

Mummy Angel was rescued in 2016 with the intention of neutering her and then releasing her back to where she was found. However we discovered that she was pregnant when rescued and decided to let her continue with her pregnancy under our care. She successfully gave birth to 7 pups on 25 Nov 2016 which were adoption.

Mummy Angel is estimated to be 1 year old and has been taken for Heartworm jab. She is very timid and not responsive to human touch. She is very shy and will stay in her kennel when there is visitor and is more at ease when we leave her alone. She not not barkish and can stay at one location for a long time. We hope to find someone who can spend time with her to get her to open up and enjoy the warmth of the family. She has a small frame and qualifies for Project Adore (for those staying in HDB).

If you like to adopt them/know more about them, please contact 90018848.


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