Pet Therapy @ St. Andrew/s Nursing Home 2017 (29 July)

Purely Adoptions spent a wonderful and meaningful afternoon together with Rock Sanctuary at St. Andrew's Nursing Home. Volunteers from both sides and many individuals brought along their fur kids for this event to meet the old folks at the nursing home.

This session was very meaningful to us personally as we witnessed the joy & happiness that our fur kids brought to these residents. They were all beaming and laughing as they pet the dogs. There are many benefits of petting a dog too. Scientific research has shown that patting dogs can result in:

1. Blood pressure drop of 10%
2. Rise of relaxation chemical (Seratonin)
3. Reduction of bad mood chemicals
4. Reduction in anxiety
5. Increase in depression fighting chemical (Dopamine)

Thank you to Patrick Evelyn Tan for inviting us to Pet Therapy 2017. Special thanks to Purely Adoptions team members: Edna and Sean with Xin Xin, Adeline with Miki, June and Alethea with Sydney, and our adopted GR Sweetie. Thank you for coming down to volunteer and bring joy to these people.

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