Training your Puppy

Toilet Training Your Puppy

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Puppies gain bowl and bladder control at varying stages. They may take between 4 - 6 months before they are potty-trained.

General guidelines to successful house-training

  1. Keep a regular and timely feeding schedule.
  2. Do not over feed your puppy.
  3. Find a perfect spot and take your puppy there each time he needs to do a wee/poo.
  4. Diligent supervision is needed to detect early signs, eg, whining, sniffing or circling.
  5. Take your puppy out on a consistent schedule and as frequently as possible.
  6.  Puppies should be taken out 1- 2 hourly. As well as after they have eaten and had a drink, as soon as they wake up, after play and at night.


Some methods when taking your puppy out:

  1. Take your puppy outside on the lead.
  2. Allow him/ her to sniff about.
  3. Once puppy has done his wee or poo, reward him lavishly with praise. Allow him some play time.


Keys to prevent mistakes:

  • Do not punish or scold your puppy for eliminating in the house, instead
  • expect a few accidents as it is a normal part of house-training.
  • Should puppy have an accident in the house or in a 'wrong' place, immediate correction is to relocate puppy to the right spot.
  • Reasons for accidents are mainly due to neglect and complacency on your
  • part, or if there is a change in puppy's environment.

Remember, it is your responsibility to diligently work at the success of your puppy's house-training.

Godfrey Alagappan

Master Canine Authority