Training Tips for your Dogs

House Training


Toilet training Your  Puppy

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Puppies gain bowl and bladder control at varying stages. They may take between 4 - 6 months before they are potty-trained.

  • General guidelines to successful house-training
  • Some methods when taking your puppy out
  • Keys to prevent mistakes

paper & grass Training Tips

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Step by step guide for:

  • Paper training a dog
  • Grass training a dog




Canine Body Language

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How to interpret your dog's body languages, facial expressions and vocalizations.

  • Agressive
  • Alert
  • Anxious
  • etc. 

Aggression in Dogs

We all know that there are aggressive dogs but did you know that actually any dog has the ability to be aggressive? It is commonly misunderstood that big dogs are all aggressive while small dogs are not.

Separation Anxiety of Dogs

From the dog's point of view, separation anxiety can be defined as constant whining or barking, biting of household items, constant pacing, excessive drooling, peeing or pooing in the absence of the owner at home.

Socialising with Dogs

Dog fights are a common scene in Singapore and many have the worry that their beloved dogs get caught in one. Usually a dog fight will not result in serious injury if addressed early. This article will teach you common signs of dogs that may lead to a fight and ways to prevent it.