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benefits of dog massage
Dr Gloria Lee Vet

Picture Credits: Club Panda

Credits: Laves Goh

Dog Massage Therapist
Rocky Mountain Small Animal Acupressure Massage Aromatherapy


Credits: Dr Gloria Lee

Veterinary Surgeon

BSc BVMS Murdoch 

Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Mandai)

(formerly AMK Veterinary Surgery)


Credits: Dr Kenneth Tong 

BS (Purdue) BVSc (Melb) PAS MRCVS
MANZCVS (Avian Health)
Veterinarian at Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic

Credits: Dr Tan Eng Khim

Veterinary Surgeon

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised Advanced Practitioner status in Small Animal Practice (U.K.)
Master of Veterinary Studies in Small Animal Practice (Murdoch)
PG Cert Vet Studies, BVMS, BSc (Vet Bio)(Murdoch)
Cert Wildlife Util (Pretoria, S.A.)
BSc (Microbiology/Comp Prgm)(National University of S'pore)
S'pore Society of Microbiology & Biotech (ord member)
Animal Medical Centre (VET@RV) Pte Ltd

Credits: Dr Huang Zhixiong

Veterinary Surgeon

Owner of The Visiting Vets Clinic

BVSc (Melbourne)



As Singapore enter into Post Circuit Breaker, we are still unable to bring our pets to the veterinary clinic like before as only selected services are allowed at the moment. Being pet owner ourselves, we know how anxious we will be if our pets are sick and unable to bring to the Vet immediately. At Purely Adoptions, we have Dr Kitty of

Furiends Veterinary Clinic - SG

and Dr Nair of

Oasis Vet

to help us address some common signs and what we can before rushing to the Vet. We hope these information is useful to everyone. In the first post, we will share what happen when our dog has diarrhoea and what can we do at home first.