Training Tips for your Cats

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Guide to Reading Cats

Credits to: Adventure Cats

Cats may seem like mysterious creatures that are impossible to read, but our felines are actually communicating with us all the time. Through their body language and facial cues, cats can tell us if they’re comfortable, afraid, aggressive or even ready to play.

  • Tails
  • Ears
  • Eyes

Heartfelt words from our PurelyMeow Dayne on handling cats. Its true rehoming cats and dogs are not easy. We do have scars while doing the rescue but none of us (the rescuers & rehomers) ever complain. Maybe we love the animals too much or simply we know they just snap out of defence.
When we screen potential adopters, we will also give the worst case senario to them. The reason is because we hope you are prepared for the worst. Are you ok if the cat/dog scratch/snap you or even destry your furniture etc?
We have gone through alot in rescuing our cats and dogs such as being scratched and bitten by them, we hope our adopters will treasure the animals they have adopted from us and not give them up easily when they misbehaved.

The animals are innocent. We just need to master the language to read and communicate with them and the language is "LOVE". #Repost @purelymeowdayne

Some of the battle scars when you handle cats. One never say having cats, let alone rehoming cats is easy. Some scars will remain with you forever but at the end of the day , when u realise you manage to change the destiny for even just 1 cat, these scars are worth it. Do your part in protecting the voiceless. Dogs, cats, rabbits etc. If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, donate. Every little bit counts.