As Purely Adoptions Ltd is running on public funds, we are constantly in need of food for the animals as well as other consumables to subsidise our volunteers for the feeding of stray dogs. If you do not have any preferred pet shop that you would like to order from, we would encourage you to donate the items via Noel & Whisky website. Noel & Whisky is an online shop opened with the aim of funding Purely Adoptions. Shipping is free of charge for all Pets items.


  1. Fuel Vouchers (Diesel for our van)
  2. NTUC Vouchers (To purchase household items such as rice for the feeding of stray animals)
  3. Dog/ Cats Food and Treats

Dog Food and Care:

  1. Dog Dry Food such as Wellness Core and Wellness Complete Health series
  2. Canned Dog Recipe such as Wellness Core and Wellness Complete Health series
  3. Ticks and Flea Control Products such as Frontline or Revolution

Food Donation from Noel & Whisky Website:

Food Donation

Noel & Whisky Pte Ltd has kindly partnered with Purely Adoptions to provide heavily subsidized food and medical supplies for donation to our stray feeders. Noel & Whisky will be paying partially for all purchases of food items and medical supplies listed on their "Donate" page. All purchases of these items will be delivered directly to Purely Adoptions, in which we will then distribute to our stray feeders. If you would like to donate to our stray feeders, you can click on the link below:

  1. Daily Delights
  2. Fussie Cat
  3. Rice
  4. Broken Bag Kibbles
  5. COSI Milk
  6. Wellness Kibbles
  7. Frontline
  8. NexGard


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