GI Stasis: The Silent Killer

*Credits: All information and pictures are taken from Bunny Wonderland. Purely Adoptions do not claim the copyrights of all information reproduced.

GI Stasis

We hope these tips from Action for Rabbits will help you to treat a scary case of GI stasis. We also have the following suggestions to prevent your rabbit from being prone to GI stasis:

  1. Feed unlimited amount of hay. A healthy rabbit should eat their body size of hay everyday.

  2. Fresh water should always be available. A healthy rabbit will drink at least 1 bowl of water a day.

  3. Groom your rabbit regularly to remove loose fur.

  4. Your rabbit should produce over 50 dry and round poo a day. There shall not be any soft, wet or smelly stools!

  5. For rabbits with weak tummies, add supplements like Protexin Fiberplex, Oxbow digestive support and papaya tablets to keep their GI tract healthy.

  6. Always keep first aid supplies such as Rid Wind and Applelin handy in event your rabbit's appetite is low and their tummy is a little bloated.

  7. Have a rabbit-savvy vet to monitor your rabbit regularly so any change can be quick to detect.

GI stasis is a fatal condition and your rabbit should be rushed to the vet if it's not eating for over 8 hours. You can find emergency vet numbers on our website at