150711 Kebun Baru SG50 Fun Fair 2015 (11 & 12 Jul)

Venue:Kabun Bahru Village

Date:11 July 2015

Purely Adoptions had a successful event at SG50 Kabun Baru Village. We would like to thank Andy Ng, Cherlyn Wu and their team in Kabun Baru CO People Association for the very well organized 2 day Family Carnival. It has been an enjoyable and fulfilling event as we meet pet lovers and enthusiasts who had great fun playing with the puppies.

We have also shared with the community many important lessons at the carnival. They include:

* Adoptions Saves Lives.
* Responsible Pet Ownership.
* Importance of sterilizing your pet.

We like to thank our volunteers, Elsie, Chris, Jazz, Shirlin & Francis, Yong Tat and his cousins, for helping Purely Adoptions in these 2 days.

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