150816 Nee Soon Pets Fiesta 2015 (16 Aug)

Venue:Blk 838 Yishun St 81 (Opposite Khatib MRT station)

Date:16 August 2016

Time:10am - 6pm

Purely Adoptions participated in the Nee Soon Pet Fiesta. We received over-whelming responses from Nee Soon residents and shared with them the importance of pet responsibility, adopt a dog and save a life.

We are glad that there is an increased acceptance amongst the public with our Singapore Specials or mongrels, as family pets. In fact, they are very intelligent, loyal, and easy to train.

It was so amazing to see so many pet groups and Animal Welfare Groups coming together for an exciting event, with fun filled activities.

Good job to the Nee Soon GRC committee members for a well organised Nee Soon Pets Fiesta.

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There was also a "Best Dressed" Contest in which many of our adopters took part in with their adopted dogs. Each of these rescued and family dogs has a different story behind them. Some has been grossly neglected, caged up and abandon. However, those history were left behind as they moved on to their new home, where they are much loved and adored.

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