150926 Bam’s Hope Party Donation 2015 (26 Sept)


Purely Adoptions is very honoured to receive the donations of $3,688 from Bam's Hope. Thank you Kelly for choosing Purely Adoptions as the beneficiary and all of her friends for their donations.

Kelly shares the same cause as us, a cause we strongly believe in and work hard for: Adopt a dog and Save a Life. While our own pets enjoy good food, warmth and love from a family and shelter over their head with nice beds to nestle in, there are still many strays, neglected and lost pets out there that needs our help.

Both Bam's Hope and Purely Adoptions pledges to rehome these strays and neglected ones, provide food for as many of them as we could and rehome them into one with love, warmth and care.

We promise we will continue in our mission to save more strays out there.

IMG-20160623-WA0105  IMG-20160623-WA0124

IMG-20160623-WA0108 IMG-20160623-WA0127 IMG-20160623-WA0119 IMG-20160623-WA0104  IMG-20160623-WA0113

IMG-20160623-WA0110 IMG-20160623-WA0111 IMG-20160623-WA0112

IMG-20160623-WA0128  IMG-20160623-WA0101

IMG-20160623-WA0098  IMG-20160623-WA0103

IMG-20160623-WA0118 IMG-20160623-WA0121 IMG-20160623-WA0131

IMG-20160623-WA0117  IMG-20160623-WA0120

IMG-20160623-WA0125  IMG-20160623-WA0123IMG-20160623-WA0129  IMG-20160623-WA0126IMG-20160623-WA0130   IMG-20160623-WA0099IMG-20160623-WA0100  IMG-20160623-WA0122

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