180310 Perromart Adoptions Paw-nival 2018 (10 & 11 Mar)

Venue:The Star Vista

Date:10 March 2018

Time:11am to 8pm

Ticketing available: Buy your tickets here

Purely Adoptions would like to give special thanks to PerroCo.SG for a fabulous 2 days of Perromart Adoption Pawnival at Star Vista.

This event was well organised with many activities and we were glad to be able to showcase our dogs, puppies and cats that were up for adoptions. We received good interest with the puppies as they are so adorable and cute. More importantly, we have raised awareness that there are many stray dogs and cats out there which still needs a home.

We have also raised some donation from sales of second hand items and from the sale of calendars, roses and bandana. Special thanks to Jeannie Teo from Styleash for donating a portion of her sales to our cause.

A great shout out to all Purely Adoptions members who have come down and contribute their time and effort over the weekend. Thank you Adeline, Alethea, Siew Ching, Dayne, Kelly, Pamela and Eric, Jeannie, Jacinta, Edna and Sean, Annie, Ken, Jeremy and Aipoh, Xavian, Wong Ling, Patricia, Alice, Ru Zhen, Amanda, and Auntie stray feeder.

We are thankful to adopters who came and cheer us on with our adoptions drive - Janice with FoFo, Lisa Taylor with Bear and Noel with Bones.

We have enjoyed ourselves on these 2 days. As Purely Adoptions expands, we are also hoping to reach out and recruit more fosterers. Please come forward and help us in our cause to rehoming and caring of the dogs/ cats.

To end off, 11 March, the last day of the event, marks the first birdie adoption of Purely Adoption by Adeline! Cheers to a great end to the week!

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