Venue:Hope For Animals

Date:30 September 2020

Thank you @hopeforanimalssg

Posted @withregram • @hopeforanimalssg Be sure to check out last sunday’s episode – it had definitely left all of us here in the studio “feline-good”! We are getting enquiries already, but if you are looking to adopt a cat or a kitten, do check out these sweethearts that are up for adoption from Purely Meow. @purelymeowdayne is the sister group from Purely Adoptions that is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens.

Darkness is a 1-2 year old female Short Hair. She is an independent yet affectionate little one and always out for head butts. She has a calming personality and just the best one to come home after a long day at work.

Peanut is a 1.5 year old female Short Hair. A friendly and active cat that gets along with other cats. Very talkative and love to chat with her humans so a great companion to share more about your day.

Eruka Frog is a five month old female Short Hair. Although she was in an accident , there is no slowing down this little adventurous one. She is curious and playful but enjoy spending her afternoons sliding up to any humans at home. She definitely loves her food!

Meet Jojo, she is one just one cool cat. Although she is a 10 year old female Domestic Short Hair, she is well loved by the community where she lived. She is easy going and adapts quickly to new surroundings. A curious one, she is still energetic and enjoy following you around the house.

Milk Tea is a one year old female Short Hair that absolutely loves laundry. If you ever have to get through your laundry, she is a perfect companion for you. She gets along well with other cats and enjoy being close to her humans.

Autumn is a five year old male Short Hair. He is an affectionate companion and enjoy spending his afternoons sleeping on the bed or watching TV with his humans. He is very gentle and trusting, and would quickly wriggle his way into his new family’s hearts.

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