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Date:24 May 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Facebook Adoption drive on Sunday 24th May 2020 with @hopeforanimalssg

And ARKC Singapore.

If you are free tomorrow, why not take part in not 1 but 2 online adoption drive starting from 1230pm? #purelymeowcatadoptions rescued cats such as Kenzo, Timmie, Shooby, Sidney will be taking part with meows from @a_tail_or_two such as Dawbee, Scoot & Mini at 1230pm @hopeforanimalssg Facebook page


From what we know, there are also independent dog rescuers coming on board too. .

Not enough meows? Feel free to join ARKC 2nd Sofa series at 2pm on Facebook at


which will feature other cats rescued by independent rescuers. Do give them all the support!

For every rescued animals that got adopted, you are helping to save 2 lives. One of the animal going to a great home, and the life of the other animal who will be rescued in their place.

Happening soon at 1230pm

Please login to support our adoptions drive on both cats and dogs.

Thank you

Project Adopt Live (PAL) is an online pet adoption drive and weekly home chat series by Hope for Animals, brought to you in collaboration with friends from the arts and media industries. The PAL Team would like to wish all our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya!

Do join us for the 8th instalment of our Home Chat Series at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday 24 May, in which host Sylvia will speak to fosterers from A Tail or Two and Purely Meow, and independent animal rescuer Melissa Ng, who will be introducing us to the adorable, adoption-ready fur-kids in their care. We have a total of 7 cats and 3 dogs on our show who are looking for families and former homes to call their own! Could one of them be the furry soul mate you are looking for?

Project Adopt Live would not have been possible without the support of our generous sponsors:

Our campaign sponsor, Pet Lovers Centre, has pledged $5000 worth of pet food to help our animal welfare group partners care for their charges, and as part of the Adoption Starter Kit for any animal adopted through Project Adopt Live. Pet Lovers Centre has the widest range and the freshest stock of products to help pet owners pamper their beloved companions, and also provides essential services such as pet grooming and vet consultation. Visit one of their 70 stores island-wide, or check out their online shop now.

The Pets Couture, our other campaign sponsor, has pledged to donate 40% of the proceeds from three limited edition pet collars in their PawGlam! collection to Action for Singapore Dogs. Do also check out their Facebook Live videos, running on Saturdays at 2 p.m.

For the month of May, @Lyds.sketch will create beautiful portraits of your pets at the very reasonable price of $20 for postcards and $25 for digital works. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Project Adopt Live to support our affiliated animal welfare groups and shelters.

For just $25, Magicdow Photography will convert your pet’s photo into a lovely watercolour print. $15 of the proceeds from each sale goes to Project Adopt Live. If you purchase, you also stand to win a pet photoshoot, worth $300. Check out Magicdow’s Instagram to have a look at their beautiful work.

Our Hope For Animals Artist Team is currently offering a range of beautiful bark ornaments, which you can have personalised with a hand-drawn portrait of your pets for just $45. Out of this $45, $24.50 will be donated to the shelters, $10 will be a small token fee to the artists, and the remaining will cover courier fees and other costs. Don’t miss this chance to score yourself a beautiful, unique keepsake!

The fabulous Marissa from Pratique Bodyworks is conducting a charity Pilates class on Sunday 31 May from 2 to 3 p.m. for a minimum donation of $10. All proceeds go to Project Adopt Live’s partnered shelters and animal welfare groups. If you’ve never tried Pilates, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Pilates is suitable for all ages, body types and fitness levels, so just grab a mat and join us on 31 May!

Woofie SG is donating an hour of training consultation free of charge for every adopter who adopts any of the animals we will be featuring in today’s episode. So rest assured that you can rely on the expert advice of consultants from Woofie SG to help your new animal companion settle into your home.

If you are interested to find out more about fostering, or about adopting any of our furry VIP guests today, please click the link below:


Posted @withregram • @hopeforanimalssg Selamat Hari Raya Hope everyone is having a good rest this Monday! As we spend time with our family, it reminds us of relationships that keep us going. For many, it is also that special bond with their pet, that transformed our lives.

Together with our passionate foster friends, yesterday's episode shares more about the cats and dogs up for adoption, their different nature and facts/tips on caring for them. @purelyadoptions @a_tail_or_two

If you are interested in adopting / fostering, Do fill up the link below!


SIDNEY the cat

Sidney is three years old, and a domestic short hair. She is independent and vocal, but is more than thrilled to spend her weekends cuddling with you. We all love manga cats meow?

TIMMY, the cat

Timmy is a ten month old kitten and a domestic short hair. Independent and energetic, she loves being in close company with human friends. Although she isn’t a lap cat, she sparks off joy with her playful energy. We love her curious eyes!

KENZO the cat

What a playful boy! Kenzo is a nine month old kitten and a male domestic short hair. Through the live-stream, we were all entertained by his curious energy.

SHOOBY the cat

Shooby is a two month old domestic short hair. He is playful, loves the company of others and always sneaking up on his loved one to share a bout of his affection. This sneaky little one is truly a bundle of joy.

KURT & ANAKIN (to be adopted as a pair) the dogs

Anakin is just the sweetest, and relies on Kurt to seek calm out in this world. She is dainty, gentle, and just love spending her day in front of the TV.

Kurt is the ultimate gentleman, never too far away from Anakin to be there for her. Kurt was also previously the leader of his pack, making him really smart and observant about his surroundings.

They are both three year old Singapore Specials.

CHESNUT the dogs

Chesnut is 7 years old Singapore Special. He may need awhile to warm up, but will be the best friend you are looking for. He is chill, independent and easy around children and other dogs.

3 June 2020

Special thanks to Melodee and her wonderful team in @Hope For Animals and @Bark A Tree with @Project Adopt Live PAL.

This is a project initiative which helps to bridge the Animal Welfare Groups with the potential adopters. It’s helps to create awareness of our rescued pets for adoptions.

Much thanks for the funds raised of $303.60 through the latest PAL session on Hari Raya Puasa Day.

Thank you so much

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