190720 Pet Street Gang

Venue:Palawan Beach Sentosa

Date:20 July 2020

Time:9am to 10pm

Purely Adoptions is now at Palawan Green at Sentosa. Very exciting and extravagant event by Let's Go Jalan Jalan.

There are really many pets related merchandises of dehydrated treats, shampoos, accessories for your fur kids. There are many delicious food for humans as well.

So come down on
20-21 July 2019
Time 9am to 10pm
Palawan Green Sentosa




21 July 2019

We had a great time at @letsgojalanjalan.sg this weekend with lots enquiries on our rescued animals and of course lots fun and laughters with our adopters and friends. Thank you @letsgojalanjalan.sg for this great opportunity and those who came down to support us.

We also like to thank our volunteers: Adeline, Alethea, Sharon, Jynist, Pamela, Yung Ying, Hidaya, Irene, TianHui etc and of course, our youngest volunteers Lucas and Belinda for making this event a success. Great job everyone!


Thank you Irene @flyirene and Maxi @originalmaxi for dropping by at our booth at Pet Street Gang Sentosa @letsgojalanjalan.sg today 😊 @purelymeowdayne @purelywoof

We are glad to see Sadie (formerly known as Mummy Mel) at our Sentosa adoption drive today. Sadie was rescued together with her 'Hubby' Cupid and her puppies in 2015. You can read about her rescue tales at https://purelyadoptions.com/rescue_tales/mel-and-cupid/
Glad to see our adopted dogs after so many years. Thank you Kimberly and Kevin for loving Sadie. We are glad we found you then.

Little Latte, 6weeks old, male is looking for his forever home. Do drop by at Pet Street Gang, Sentosa Palawan Beach today to view him. To adopt him, pls contact PurelyWoof 90709585. Pls share the post. Thank you

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