181117 Bichon Frise Event

Venue:Bichon Frise Club

Date:17 November 2018

Purely Adoptions is honoured to be the selected Animal Welfare Group (AWG) by @Bichon Frise Club of Singapore for this year 2018. They have presented us $1,320 cheque to support our cause.

Many thanks to Delphine, Lynn Marissa Liem, Eileen Lim & Vivian Quek for organise this gathering and presentation of Certificate of “Giving Back” from Bichon Frise Club of Singapore to Purely Adoptions. They have sold a total 88 Purely Adoptions Diary 2019.

In additional to the 88 diaries, Lynn has helped us to promote another 12 diaries, making it a total of 100 diaries. Heartfelt thanks to all the hard work to these Bichons pawrents.

Our cause of rescue, rehab and rehome of strays and family pets is based solely on donations. With this additional ammunition from BFCS, we will be able to
do more, pay for Veterinary medical bills, commercial boarding, trapping, rehabilitation, transportation and most important successful adoptions of these pets

Thank you so much. ☺️ I will encourage more Pedigree club to come together and give back to society. There are many less fortunate dogs with different AWGs which needs your help.

Purely Adoptions journey continues ....


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