181110 Family Pets Camp

Venue: Sembawang Community Centre

Date:10 November 2018

Purely Adoptions is proud to cooperate with PA Water-Venture to host Family Pets Camp. There were many fun and exciting activities such as baking, treasure hunt and engaging with our family pets. We believe in responsible pet ownership. It is important to teach and educate the young generations on “A Pet is for Life”

For the 1st session, we conducted “Scavenger hunt” where the children had to run around to look for items such as doggie tags, leashes & collars, chocolates and cat litter, etc. While for the 2nd session, together with Edna & Jacinta, the children enjoyed mixing a bowl of potatoes, carrots, minced meat and coconut oil. After 22 min of baking, the yummy cookies was ready to eat. We would like to thank everyone for participating in our Family Pets Camp!

We hope to see you again in the next event!

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