181027 Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter 2018

Venue:Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter

Date:27 October 2018

Purely Adoptions members had a memorable excursion to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS).

We were filled with awe once we entered the sanctuary at the sight of the dogs running freely, roaming and living in harmony with one another. We had a fabulous time, stroking and cuddling the dogs, playing with the cats, feeding the horses.

Dozer, a dog that we knew from about 5 years back. He has food aggression and could not get along with other dogs. But with the patience and dedication from Lynda and volunteers at NANAS, Dozer was running around freely with other dogs

NANAS was just like a break away from our busy lifestyle. We would like to thank NANAS  for organizing such a wonderful excursion for us! Thank you to everyone for joining this trip with us!

We look forward in seeing you in the next event!

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