180715 Jack Jack’s Birthday Party (15 July)

Venue:Jack Jack Birthday Party

Date:15 July 2018

Purely Adoptions is proud to attend the birthday party of Jack Jack. This handsome red poodle has been adopted by his papa Chris and mummy Elise.

Many guests came with their fur kids and there were awesome food, goodie bags and treats for all the fur babies. It was such a relaxing Sunday afternoon to see our fur babies having a good time.

Rewind to about 1 year ago, we rescued Jack Jack from a family, after its owner passed away due to heart attack. He was not well taken care of, has skin issue and sores on his buttocks. We immediately took him out and placed him with Elise and Chris. We knew that they would provide good fostering for Jack.

Good news and a new beginning for Jack Jack when Elise and Chris informed us that they had decided to adopt Jack Jack. We immediately knew that Jack Jack will be pampered and well taken care of. Indeed, he was brought to dog parks and given many treats and grooming sessions.

Jack Jack is also our poster boy for our Purely Adoptions calendar for May 2018.

Thank you for organising this birthday party. We have collected a donation of $368, and this will help us with our cause. The money will go towards our boarding fees, food for stray feeders and medical bills for our rescues.

It is always so satisfying to see our rescued dogs being adopted into good homes. To see them play, catch a ball, run around and being so well groomed with their fur so soft; This motivates us to work harder to place more dogs up for adoptions.

Our journey continues ...


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