180406 Pet Expo 2018 (6 – 8 Apr)

Venue:Singapore Expo Hall 7

Date:6 April 2018

Time:11am to 8pm

Ticketing available: Buy your tickets here

Purely Adoptions would like to thank Pet Expo Singapore for organising this exciting and fabulous Pet Expo 2018.

We had benefited much from this 3 day event. Our rescued puppies and dogs were being exposed to many potential adopters, our reach have been extended as we welcome many fosterers on board our team and we also received some donation to help us in our cause.

In particular, we have achieved the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness on stray puppies and cats and place them up for adoptions
  2. Expand our network of volunteers and fosterers
  3. Raise funds through donation to support our cause.
  4. Educate the young on Pet Responsibility.

We have invited our adopters to bond with us at Pet Expo and it is always so heart warming to see our adopted pawrents and their fur kids again. On the 2nd and 3rd day, we had Pei Shan & her fiancé with Bubbles, Pamela & Eric with Orla, Vincent & Sharon, Yeok Lin with Elf, Sid & family, Jimmy & wife and Noel & Daphne (Bones adopter).

Special thanks to all Purely Adoptions family who have spend their precious weekends to help us. They are : Adeline Kwong with her Yumi, Jeannie Teo, Jacinta Goh, Wong Siew Ching, Yong Tat, Dayne Poon, Patricia Lam, Alethea Luo, Elise Hong & Chris Lee, Jolene & Zoey, Patricia's 2 niece and nephew, Charlene Francesca Seow, Pamela Wong & Eric Tan, Pam's sister, Annie & Ken and many others.

Adeline Kwong with her Yumi, Jeannie TeoJacinta GohWong Siew ChingYong Tatlikesbabyforever Yong TatDayne PoonPatricia LamAlethea Luo; @Elise Hong & Chris Lee; Jolene and Zoey; Patricia 2 Niece and Nephew; Charlene Francesca SeowPamela Wong and Eric Tan; Pam’s Sister; and Annie and Ken and many others.

We are also thankful to the following people for their support in our cause.

  1. Adeline from Pettobow - for the beautiful bow ties for our Furries
  2. Jeannie from Styleash - for fashionable leashes to go with our pets clothing designs
  3. Rin Han with Miko and Binky (Goldies) from Pawscation SG
  4. Widayawati Jaafar Sidek from Dear Jimbo - for her intricate jewellery of necklace and rings.

Both Pawscation SG and Dear Jimbo donated $450 and $350 to our cause respectively.

We enjoyed ourselves on these 3 days at Pet Expo 2018. Feeling pretty burnt out and very tired. More important we felt a wonderful sense of achievement as we have fulfilled many of our objectives we set out to achieve.

Once again, Purely Adoptions would like to thank all supporters for your generous support.

Our journey continues ...


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