Dog Massage

Massage for Dogs

What are some common conditions that will benefit from massages?
We don't specifically address the condition unless we are Veterinary trained to mention the conditions. In general, massage may help to calm the animal, improve blood circulation, relieve tensed muscles. Studies have shown that massage can help in the emotional development of the fur kids too.

What type of massage?
There are gentle massage. I use this a lot for little species. For smaller animals - rabbits, Guinea Pigs.
We will see them sleeping in your palms while getting massages, they become very attached to the owners.

Deep tissue massage - may relieve some tension in the muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage - making use of hydrosols or diluted essential oils to massage the animal. Certain oils may help one to calm down.

Meridian points massage - making use of TCM meridian points to massage the animal.

Sports Massage - for working animals; Racehorses, Guide Dog, K9 unit dogs.

What about healthy dogs? Does it benefit them too?
Yes they do. Since massage generally could benefit with sleep, blood circulations and detoxing. Regular massage may help with the coat. It could also improve their quality of life.

Can all dogs go for dog massage? If any, dogs with what conditions should avoid pet massage?

Some conditions are contraindicated and we have to be careful. Pregnant animals, Cancerous lumps, post surgery, certain skin conditions, bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication, burns or healing wounds, etc
In scenarios like this, we can either avoid localized areas, lightly pat on areas that are not affected or avoid it altogether.

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