Charlie, the lost & found Shitzu

One of our volunteers Adeline Kwong found this dog in February 2017 and quickly alerted us, Purely Adoptions, for our assistance in reuniting it with its owners.

Adeline brought this dog along to our dinner place. We scanned for micro chip but could not find any on him. We then allowed him to walk and observed his walking movement and realised that he had weak legs, long fur and bad dental.

However, the most important thing to do was to locate its owners. After dinner at about 10pm, Adeline and Kelly Lee left to print out his Lost and Found posters. They proceeded to put up the posters in the vicinity where Adeline found the dog.2

Over the next few days, this dog whom we named Charlie, stayed at the fosterer's place. He is partially blind and we needed to hand feed him in the morning and evening. The fosterer also decided to bring him to a groomer to get him a new hair cut, clean up his ears and have his nails cut. Grooming costs $45 but he was a changed boy, looking many years younger when he came out of the grooming session.


We brought him to the vet to have a thorough medical check up after a few days and Dr Gloria mentioned that Chalie had a severe ear infection and is rather skinny. We then decided to proceed with a full blood test to check on the health of Charlie. Luckily, Charlie's condition is not serious and would be able to get a full recovery with medication. The medication bill costs $350.

Good news came on 22 February, when we received a call from Charlie's owner. We reunited Charlie with his owners on the afternoon the next day and found out that the owner has been taking care of Charlie for 11 years in the temple. The reunion was so joyous and blissful and the owner thanked us profusely for rescuing her dog. Happy Ending indeed!


We would like to thank Adeline and Kelly, as well as our fosterer, all of whom worked as team to rescue and reunite Charlie with its owner. We would also like to thank our donors for their kind donations. These donations helped to pay for Charlie's grooming and for the medical expenses of our rescued dogs.