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Purely Adoptions is a non-profit organization dedicated towards rescuing and rehoming animals. We are funded entirely on public donations and your support is crucial to our cause.

All our Partners will be featured in our articles and we will provide links to their respective website.

You can support Purely Adoptions by partnering with us. This could include:

B. Sponsorship for Adoption Starter Kits

  • *Attractive lifetime discount for all Purely Adoptions' Fosterers and Adopters


If you would like to be our Partner or Sponsor items for our Adoption Starter Kits, please write in to or contact 9001 8848.

Adoption Starter Kit

Welcome to Purely Adoptions Family and thank you once again for considering Adoption than Buying a Pet. At Purely Adoptions, we like to show our appreciation (on behalf of our Adopted Furkids) by preparing a list of great deals in our starter kit (worth more than $223).

  1. Silversky Pet Care - Free premium Wellness Kibbles (worth $45+)
  2. KONG Cares SG - Free premium brand Toy (worth $16+)
  3. Noel & Whisky Animal Theme Products - Special canvas pencil case worth $8 and lifetime special discount at (up to 30% off and special deals for Purely Adoptions Adopters only)
  4. Pets Magazine - Free leading monthly and annual Pet Magazine in Singapore (worth $6.50 and $5).
  5. Pettobow - Premium Pet Bow Tie (worth $16+) 
  6. Supernova - Free 1 to 1 Trial Training Session and Discounted Training Class (
  7. Animal Communication - Discounted Animal Communication session (worth $100 saving)
  8. For Furry Friends - Free bottle of P.A.W.S @machopawz - Discounted in house dog grooming

We hope you have a pleasant experience adopting from us and at the same time encourage more people to adopt a pet from us. Thank you once again and may you have a great time with your new furkid.

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