AVA Guidelines

Dear all Pet Owners,

Please find important information with regards to animal welfare from the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) as attached below. All information are taken from AVA and Purely Adoptions do not claim responsibility or copyrights for any of the information published below.


  1. The Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has issued the Code of Animal Welfare (for Pet Owners) on 15 June 2017. This followed the recent issuance of the Code of Animal Welfare (for Pet Industry) in August 2016. The Code of Animal Welfare (for Pet Owners) was drafted by the Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Committee (MSCC) and specifies the minimum standards on animal housing, management and care which pet owners are expected to comply with. It took into consideration the varied interests of various stakeholder groups represented in the Committee, and also the views of the wider public through an e-consultation.
  2. The Code of Animal Welfare (for Pet Owners) has been produced as a simplified booklet for the public, comprising an abridged 8-paged, A5-sized booklet with illustrations and simplified language. AVA has also prepared a 1-page A4-sized infographics pull-out (as part of the booklet) which provides a summary of the minimum standards in the booklet, and will further help pet owners to understand the Code better. The booklet and attached infographic will be made available in the four official languages. Attached below are the soft-copy versions of the Code and Infographic in English for your reference.

 English Code of Animal Welfare-page-001     Infographics_CodePetOwnersA4-page-001

Code of Animal Welfare                                                                                                           Infographics for Code of Animal Welfare


Pets may be kept at home as long as the set of guidelines are adhered to. For the list of approved dog breeds for HDB, please click on the link to find out more.SPCAHDBDogList



1. Licensing of Pets
i. Online Payment: Log in to PALS at pals.ava.gov.sg. Go to Home > My Licences and click on Payment icon. We accept payment by eNETS or credit card.

ii. AXS Payment: Select Government > Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority > Dog Licence > Payment for Dog Licence > Application No. or Dog Licence. You may also scan the barcode on the Payment Notice which can be downloaded from PALS Payment page.

3. Upon successful payment, your licence can be downloaded for your personal records from PALS. We will not be issuing hard copy licences.

4. With effect from 1 February 2014, dog licensees can enjoy a 10% rebate if payment for licence renewal is made via GIRO. You may wish to consider applying GIRO for your future renewals. A copy of the GIRO application form can be downloaded from our website at www.ava.gov.sg/giroform.
Please note that the processing time for GIRO is approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

5. If your dog is no longer with you, please log in to PALS to update its status. You may also update your personal/dog details if you wish to do so.

6. For a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), please refer to http://www.ifaq.gov.sg/AVA/apps/fcd_faqmain.aspx. Should you have further queries/feedback, please let us know through our online feedback form at www.ava.gov.sg/ContactUs or contact us at 1800 476 1600.

Five Year Trap Neuter Release Management (TNRM) 2017

Read the full article at: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ava-to-roll-out-5-year-sterilisation-programme-of-stray-dogs-9516552


This is indeed good news for us as Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs). Our effort and petition to employ more humane methods of strays control measures has finally been heard.

AVA will roll out a 5 year Trap Neuter Release Management TNRM islandwide. Purely Adoptions together with other AWGs and stakeholders have met up on several occasions with AVA to discuss the issue.

This will be the start of a journey to our TNRM for the strays. We are happy and will work closely to reduce the strays population in Singapore.