Are You Prepared to Foster a Dog

Time Commitment Required

Fostering can last between weeks to months, depending on the condition of the dog and how soon it gets adopted. Although Foster parents do not need to be home 24hours, you might need to postpone a weekend getaway or family vacation for the period of fostering the animal. You have to be responsible round the clock for the dog’s safety, comfort and general well-being, which can be a heavy responsibility to keep for the duration of the fostering.


Possible Behaviours of Dogs

Dogs that we rescued could have various problems such as chewing, barking excessively, or jumping on strangers. As Foster parents, you have to be aware of potential problems and be prepared for them such as by keeping away shoes, clothes or other important items if the dog has a chewing problem. Apart from simply feeding, exercising and grooming the foster dogs, you may need to devote some time to housetrain them or break their bad habits so that the dogs can ultimately socialize and be adopted.


Nursing Dogs back to Health

Some of the dogs that we rescued could be sick and injured and we would require you to provide them medication at certain times of the day or bathe them periodically. We may require you to bring them down to our designated vets for checkups too. The cost of medication and check up will be borne by us.