28 December 2017

Starboy was from a construction site but due to his good nature, he was constantly bullied and attacked by other pack at site. Hence, Shirlin decided to approach us to save Starboy.

During the latest round of stray feeding by stray feeder Francis and Shirlin, he was found to be injured again and we decided to trap him the next night and send him for treatment before rehoming him.



29 December 2017

We got Starboy!! Thank you Shirlin, Francis and everyone on site tonight for the trapping. Its was a long wait but its worth it. Starboy is saved and we will bring him to the Vet tomorrow, treat his injuries and hopefully find a home for him. He is a good friendly boy who is constantly bullied by other pack.



31 December 2017

Starboy has been tested Heartworm positive and has many punctured wounds on his body. This poor boy must have suffered alot. To find out more about Heartworm disease, you can read on at


We started Heartworm treatment for StarBoy immediately but we are still urgently in need of a place to house him. He is a very sweet boy who is constantly bullied and attacked by other pack at the construction site. We believe he will be a good house pet and he deserve a chance to find his forever home. Right now, we are housing him temporarily at a boarding kennel but we are still actively seeking for a foster home for him. 


2 January 2018

Stray Feeder Shirlin visited Starboy with home cooked food at the clinic today before we discharged him to the Shelter.


Starboy's medical bill is currently standing at $1,405.65 ($655.65 for initial medical treatment, $250 trapping fee, $500 boarding). If you would like to help out with Starboy's treatment fee, you can donate directly to Purely Adoptions UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0 Or u can write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.



3 January 2018

Today is the second day that Starboy entered the shelter and he is doing well. We hope to find a fosterer for him as he is really sweet and easy to take care. The only problem we foresee when Starboy goes to a home is toliet training (initially). Starboy has been living in the forest for his whole life and he might not understand where to pee and poo at the correct place (for the first few days). We would hence like to find someone who is experience and patient with dog. If you can help, please contact us at 90018848 (Purely Adoptions).

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9 January 2018

Starboy is doing very well at the Meow and Wuff boarding kennel and his wounds are healing. For those who have been to the Lim Chu Kang shelter, you will know that this is a remote place with no bus stops in the vicinity and a long distance from the nearest taxi stand. Hence, we were very touched to learn that stray feeder Francis and the wonderful security guards of the construction site visited him at the shelter last Saturday. The security guards even brought a $5 drumstick to visit him!


We would also like to thank Lynette for the $600 donation, which covered the medical bills of Starboy. Your love and kindness will definitely help in his recovery. We will also be closing the donation for Starboy's treatment. Thank you everyone for all your help and donation for his case.

Starboy is a very sweet and lovely dog, who loves to be with human and always wear a smile on his face. He is medium sized and we hope to find a foster home for him while he receives his treatment. If you can foster him or would like to adopt him while he receives his treatment, please contact 9001 8848 (Purely Adoptions).


1o January 2018

We had received a a picture update of Starboy from his boarding kennel in the afternoon and we are really worried. We rushed Starboy to the vet the next day and we will keep everyone updated of his condition. We certainly hope everything is well!

We are Purely Adoptions and we will keep you updated on Starboy.

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