2018 Snow White & 7 Pups

2018 Snow White & 7 Pups

13 May 2018 (Mother's Day)

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This afternoon, we assembled a team of rescuers to help with our mummy dog and her puppies. Both Francis and Shirlin, Stella and Patrick went down to the construction site at 430pm. We were full of anticipation and excited to start our rescue Mission.

Thank you Jeffery from the construction site who provided us with Personal Protection Equipment such as safety helmets, safety boots and safety vest. We entered the site and found mummy dog with her 7 puppies in a metal tunnel. 

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Silently sitting there, nursing her babies. It’s mother’s duty to nurse her puppies. Suddenly she realised we are approaching her. She saw us coming towards her, she was scared and started to withdraw.

2a2bWe had to act fast, Stella (wearing red) crawled into the tunnel to get closer to mummy and see the puppies. Dog started to growl. She took her time and starting talking to mummy dog, assuring her that we were here to help her. As soon as Stella is within reach of the puppies, she transferred them into a box. Mummy dog was desperate and took one of her puppy into her mouth. The puppy was crying and wailing. We were so worried that she harm her puppy.

In the meantime, Francis and another worker blocked the opposite entered with a metal fence. We had to think fast, we stopped transferring the puppies and allowed mummy dog some space. She slowly settled down her puppy from her mouth to the ground. We waited and waited.
















All of a sudden, mummy dog took flight and ran out of the tunnel. Stella took this opportunity to pick up the 7th puppy into the box. We had to rescue the mummy dog as puppies are only three days old, eyes not open and that need mummy milk. Time is running out

Francis quickly contacted Mark Lo, dog catcher to come as re-enforcement. But he had to do a transport and could come only in 15 min. We are worried, mummy dog was running away. We had to do something. We use the puppies cries to attract the mummy dog. She was circling and came close to check on her babies.















Circling and came closer, but still we do not have the equipment to trap her. After several attempts to get closer to her puppies, she decided to take a rest in the tunnel

Soon Mark arrived and he took out his net and carrier. He acted fast and swiftly, cornering the mummy dog to the end of tunnel where we had a fence in place. With a swipe of the net, mummy dog had been captured. And he transferred to the carrier.















Immediately, we transport both mummy dog and her 7 puppies to Animal World Veterinary Clinic. Accompany her, we were so touched to see her looking lovingly at her puppies.

Today is Mother’s Day. True to the qualities of a Mother, this dog is so concern of her puppies and she refuse to leave their sides. She loves them dearly as all our mothers loves us.

We have decided to call her Snow White and her 7 puppies : Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.

.... our story of Snow White and her 7 puppies to be continued



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