Age:1 year old



Characteristics:Friendly, Not barkish, Good with other dogs, HDB Approved

Papi, 1 year old male is looking for a home. He is Starboy's ( good friend at the construction site and both were bullied by other pack there.

We rescued Starboy first as he was wounded. We decided to rescue Papi on separate occasion as he was left all alone to defend himself at the construction site.

Papi is friendly and good with kids and dogs although the initial meeting will need to be supervised. He is well behaved and will appreciate if someone could run with him a few times a week as he is athletic. Although shy, he will warm up to you in a while. He does not chew on the furniture despite his young age and would do best if he has a companion during the day. Papi is also not barkish and is HDB approved.

To adopt him, please contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof).

P.S. Thank you @abbynakajimaphotos for the nice pic of Papi!


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