Age:7 months - as of March 2018



Characteristics:Paper trained in pee & poo, Intelligent, Playful

Chocolate, 11 month as of March 2018, female is still looking for a home. She was rescued from Mandai forest together with the rest of her 5 siblings last year.She is the first puppy to have recovered from tick fever and has taken her first vaccination. So far, all her siblings have found good home. We believe her turn will come soon.

Chocolate is a lovable and playful girl. She loves to be with her furry friends and human. Intelligent and quick to pick up commands, she is paper trained in pee and poo. She will make a perfect dog for any household.

21 Nov 2017

We have moved Chocolate to the Shelter as she is too playful with the fosterer's senior dogs and we do not have any available fosterer. We hope we can find a forever home for her soon.

From Fosterer Madeleine:"Chocolate is having fun at our place but really needs a forever home, she loves to play with the mini schnauzer but the other sing special is getting jealous and is not having it. Chocolate is first shy and will take a day or 2 to warm up, she is smart (could become a police dog I reckon) very quick in understanding commands, already paper trained and does most of her business outside. She is very enthusiastic, loves to cuddle and follows you along. Because she is young she is still finding her boundaries, I would be careful around young children, not because she is aggressive but her playfulness can become a bit wild. She loves attention and walks outside."

If you like to adopt them/know more about them, please contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions).

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